Learnium Online Tution

Learnium is a venture founded by young, enthusiastic minds to assist bright students in achieving their goals and dreams. We believe that some students are born gifted, while others need a little push to get the top score in any exam. Here at Learnium, we provide the students with that little push, because we understand that not everyone has access to the same facilities. In an India that is slowly but surely developing with our rising youth, we consider it our duty to help support our community through education and strengthen our roots with the right guidance to make better choices regarding their career, higher education, jobs, and more. Learnium is a helping hand to all students who want that slight edge to be the best in their class and competitive exams, and also want to be confident in the career paths they choose.


With the support from our volunteer teachers and mentors we  offer 100% free and chance to learn from anywhere.

Learnium Online Tuition
Our Target

We have a team of experienced professionals that have generously volunteered to help support the community as tutors and mentors who can, regularly, provide expert classes and advice to those who need it the most, for nothing in return except for the satisfaction of giving back to the society. As highly successful individuals, each member of our team has undergone the struggle to the top and is now willing to help the coming generation reach that height.

Our Aim

As a non-profit organization we have no monetary expectations from our students, and provide our classes with no strings attached. The students can feel comfortable studying at their own pace and build a strong rapport with their tutors and mentors. We aim to help and support in whichever way we can to see our youthful community grow in a positive direction. If you want to be a part of our venture, either as a student, tutor, or mentor, feel free to reach out to our team through our Contact page on this official website.